design udp multicasting in a tcp network

Design UDP multicasting in a TCP network. P2client_sender and P2client_receiver should join a TCP network initiated by p3server. Modify and

P2client_sender should send a message to multiple p2client_receivers using UDP multicasting. If p2client_receiver joins the TCP network, p2client_receiver will receive the message from p2client_sender. Note: p3server must receive the same message over TCP.
p2client_sender can send “Exit” or “Dismiss” to the p2client_receivers. If “Dismiss” is delivered, only p2client_receivers terminate the TCP communication with p3server and UDP multicasting. If “Exit” is delivered, all TCP clients (p2client_sender and p2client_reciever) terminate the TCP communication with p3server and UDP multicasting. Note: If “Dismiss” is delivered, the p2clinet_receiver can re-join the TCP network and receive a message from p2clinet_sender.

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