description project1 variation 3 motion

Description: Project1: Variation 3 (motion)
Think in terms of visual representation. What aspects of your poem can you imply with motion, time, sequence, etc . Please still think in terms of metaphors and be less literal. Also, only use text as a formal strategy, and do not provide the whole poem to be read.
Practical strategy: your landing page can be animated (background img) or you can have multiple animations in the page that reference your poem, or a combination of text and animation. Think in terms of background and foreground solutions, the role of the user in activating motion, think abstract.
As you progress your variations need to be different form one another. Keep in mind that you don’t need to include the text in this variation. Remember your “eye exercise” every time you redraw the eye it keeps changing and you are not allowed to keep repeating the same concepts. Think Meta, think big, think about the pig picture.
Please submit a new .html file and any other assets that are linked to the html (images, subpages, gifs, style sheets etc.)
Purpose:Aesthetic exploration of meaning, Html/CSS syntax, content creation, repurposing formatting, creating visual metaphors
Format:Combination of html and css to be viewed in a browser
Other Resources:
animate.css ( (Links to an external site.))
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