January 14, 2018
Identify and research an organization that operates like a 20th century organization but has adopted a structure that manifests 21st century characteristics
January 14, 2018

A description of new value innovation to be introduced by the company within the supply network.

TASK Part 1

The Business Venture proposal of 3000 ( +/- 10%) words in the form of report must contain the following (25% weighing of the Module Mark):

A description of new value innovation to be introduced by the company within the supply network.

An explanation of the Value innovation [Blue Ocean] brought together by Network of companies

An explanation of how the market was tested to determine the innovative opportunity and current state of the industry

An explanation of the resources needs of the new business venture (operational, financial, human, etc.) and what organisations within the network are contributing towards this project

A clear explanation of the cash flow statement with projection for 3 years, profit and loss statement, and break-even analysis.

An explanation of the strategy that will be used to acquire the resources to launch the value innovation

An explanation of how leadership, team management and networking needs and issues were addressed, and who is leading this innovation and what is the coordination process amongst the parties involved

An explanation of how the new value innovation venture will be launched (this part should be visual)

A final comment of why and how this new value innovation will successfully achieve its goal of creating Blue Ocean and what further trends can be expected in this industry in the years to come.

All the key research elements have to be clearly supported by the academic and industry sources.

In addition to the manual copy of the report submitted to the School Office the group needs to make an electronic submission via Blackboard site. Please submit one proposal per group.


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