Describe your idea of the “perfect” nurse. What stereotypes …

Describe your idea of the “perfect” nurse. What stereotypes does your description reveal? Does your image of the perfect nurse include a particular gender, race, ethnic group, or generation?What unique contributions to nursing are possible by nurses with master’s-degree-level education? With doctorates?Select an ethical theory or principle that is most congruent with your approach to ethical dilemmas. Use it as a basis for considering the ethical dilemmas in this chapter. How helpful to you is this particular theory or principle in determining how you would act?What are the factors that influence your personal health behaviors? Make a list of your health behaviors, including those that promote health and those that do not. Think about the reasons you continue both healthy and less-than-healthy behaviors. Identify factors that could influence you to make decisions that support good health. Plagiarism Free Papers
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