Nursing Diagnosis; Explain what Mucor is and how a patient is likely to become infected with Mucor.
August 11, 2018
overcoming the reluctance of some women to attend for cervical screening or the embarrassment that the screening incurs, or the different value that health care professionals hold in contrast to their clients on matter of sexual health.
August 11, 2018

Describe the patient’s personal and medical history,

Reflect on a Pregnant patient who presented with a Gastrointestinal disorder such as:

Nausea & Vomit during your Practicum Experience.

1. Describe the patient’s personal and medical history,

2. Drug therapy and

3. Treatments, and

4. follow-up care.

5. Then, explain how the patient’s gender might have impacted or influenced her care.

Locate and select a research article that addresses current best practices for assessing and managing NAUSEA & VOMIT DURING PREGNANCY.


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