Describe one thing that you learned as a result of this exer…

Describe one thing that you learned as a result of this exer…

Share your Signature Themes with 3 people who know you well or fairly well. In order to maximize the benefit for this assignment, interview for
This is from 1 person I asked
Which part of the report really describes me?

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You scored 100% on Helper and that is who you are when it comes to things that you are passionate about. Any way that you can help someone to achieve their goals then you do just that for them without needed attention or recognition that it was you who did it. I can think of a few times where this has happened to you and others took credit! You love to be able to help others and God has put you in situations to do just that as a helper and a teacher. Your communication skills are above average when it comes to teaching others about health and fitness and athletics. Your career goals to be a coach is perfect for someone like yourself who is so dedicated to the success of others and having the knowledge to teach and help so many succeed is well within your reach! Also you’re showing of Mercy shines through by your ability to talk to anyone about anything. You have showed your support to others in times of distress and emotional need and can show anyone the brighter side of any situation.
What surprised you about my results?
Your score in Exhortation was surprising to me given its meaning. I feel you do have have that special ability to show and communicate the ways of serving a God who has lead you through more than most could handle. You are a positive motivator to others and yourself. As a personal trainer you constantly are motivating others to change their lives for the better. You are hard on yourself but you are very motivated to push yourself to always do better for yourself and family.
Which of the 5 themes have you noticed in me the most? Give examples of when and how you’ve seen these themes in me?
Being a helper and teaching are the themes that I notice the most in you. Recently you have put so much effort into helping others who would otherwise not have an opportunity that they have been given thanks to you. You passion to see others happy and successful, when it comes to football or any sport, shows you give it your all for them as a leader and mentor. So many know they can call on you for advice and direction because they know that you will never mislead them. You have so much to offer others and anyone blessed to know you knows this about you.
Example is easy. Josh…you have always said God had a plan for you to meet him, you met him and look where he is now. And I have told you often how he is lucky to have you as a mentor. He knows you have his best interest at heart and he knows that he can always count on you to be there for him personally and professionally to guide and support him through this journey. I know you will have many more opportunities to do the same for other young athletes with Gods grace and mercy.
mer/current colleagues—limit those closely related or associated with you personally. Ask them to read through the report and then ask them the following questions, recording their answers:
·             Which parts of the report really describe me?
·             What surprised you about my results?
·             Which of the 5 themes have you noticed in me the most?
·             Give me an example of when and how you’ve seen this theme or these themes in me?
Then prepare a Word document from these results.
1.         Use the following parameters:
·             At least 6 paragraphs with 5 to 7 sentences each
·             One paragraph for an introduction
·             Three paragraphs, 1 for each person interviewed, giving insight into their perceptions with regard to the questions above
·             A summary paragraph which would include reflections on—
Ø  How it felt to ask others about your talents?
Ø  How the people interviewed saw your themes differently than you did.
Ø  If you were surprised by what those interviewed said, include that reflection.
Ø  Describe one thing that you learned as a result of this exercise.
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