demonstrate in a three minute video Situation 2 Gender ident…

demonstrate in a three minute videoSituation 2 Gender identity discriminationTannea identifies as a transgender woman. She is 30 years old. She enjoys working in health however her passion is LGBTIQ+ awareness and advocacy. Tannea considers those who mis-use gender pronouns as ignorant.In our workplace, Tannea, is constantly referred to as he and him by John Smith, despite making it clear that she identifies as female and wants to be referred to by female pronouns.instructions for studentFor this task, your assessor will observe you as you hold a workplace discussion with John to encourage him to show respect to Tannea and to educate him in the correct use of gender pronouns.You will need to demonstrate your effective communication skills and cultural competence by following these steps:Welcome John to the discussionSensitively ask why he refuses to use female pronouns when referring to TanneaAssist him with understanding the importance of using inclusive language and gender-neutral pronounsAsk him to demonstrate respect to Tannea moving forward by using female pronounsCheck if he has any further issues or concernsShow him some resources (posters, legislation, policies etc.) to encourage him to accept the LGBTIQ+ community and remind him of human rights and anti-discrimination legislationClarify why having a culturally safe workplace is important to the clinic and its staffClose the discussionYour assessor will be looking to see that you:Recognised and respected the needs of both John and TanneaUse a number of approaches to encourage John to show a positive attitude to the LGBTIQ+ communityUse resources that will encourage John to embrace and respond to diversityMake an effort to sensitively resolve this workplace misunderstanding, taking account of the diversity considerationsSelected and used appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication with JohnUsed verbal and non-verbal communication constructively to establish, develop and maintain effective relationships, mutual trust and confidence with JohnPromote a culturally safe work environmentUsed effective strategies to communicate in the most efficient way possibleinstructions for roleplay volunteer of johnYou will be playing the role of John Smith. John is a 65-year-old man who has a Bachelor of Medicine degree, due to poor health he is now unable to practice medicine and instead decided to work in administration and use his vast skills to teach the young ones a thing or two.John has a lot of experience, and as such doesn’t like to be told how to do things.When asked the question: Why do you refuse to use female pronouns when referring to Tannea?Your response should be: “Why should I start using those ‘nonsense gender terms like they/them’, they were not around in my day”.When asked the question: Do you have any further issues or concerns?Your response should be: “Yes, I have concerns, where does it say that I must use inclusive language and gender-neutral words, why is it so important?” Plagiarism Free Papers
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