Deliverable 3 5500 Assessing Concepts And Theories Of Healthcare Leadership Ppt

Assess the implication and relevance of theoretical concepts and theories of leadership within healthcare settings. Scenario
Due to increased turnover at Wynn Regional Medical Center (WRMC), analysis from the exit interview questionnaires were reviewed in a Board of Directors meeting. While reviewing the analysis, it was noted that “communication concerns” were common areas of dissatisfaction among the employees who resigned. The employees felt that: Managers did not hold regular staff meetings Employees were often not informed about changes in the organization Managers did not ask employees for their input or feedback in decision making Employees were unable to voice their concerns without retaliation Managers did not communicate in a respectful manner
You have been tasked with creating a presentation to address these communication concerns. Instructions
The CEO of WRMC has requested that you create a PowerPoint presentation proposing a revised communication process for the board of directors. The presentation should contain speaker notes for each slide or voiceover narration. Based on the specific concerns listed in the scenario, your presentation should address how you will change the communication processes and include the following key points: What are some of the possible communication barriers and challenges of a multi-cultural healthcare facility? Include recommendations for addressing these barriers and challenges. What communication processes and practices will you put in place to address the following employee concerns? Staff meetings Organizational updates Employee input in decision making Employee concerns Respectful communication What recommendations do you have for increasing departmental communication? Please include a minimum of two references (at least one reference from the module readings) Resources
This link has information for creating a PowerPoint presentation.
Here is a link to information about adding speaker notes.
Here is a link to information about creating a voiceover narration using Screencast-O-Matic.
APA formatting for the reference list, and proper grammar, punctuation, and form required. APA help is available here.
  Grading Rubric
1. Clear and thorough explanation of possible communication barriers and challenges of a multi-cultural healthcare facility. Includes comprehensive recommendations for addressing these barriers and challenges with multiple supporting examples.
2. Clear and thorough discussion of communication processes and practices for managing employee concerns. Includes comprehensive descriptions with multiple supporting examples for each of the sub-bullet points.
3.Comprehensive recommendations for increasing departmental communication. Includes multiple supporting examples for each recommendation.
  Here is the link to the archive: 

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