Defining Social Justice – nursing writers

Defining Social Justice – nursing writers

For your initial post:

1. Explain in your own words what equity in education means to you.

2. Identify the “critical, systematic and action oriented” strategies you can use in your own classroom, school or center that would take you from being simply “touched” by social justice to being “moved” by social justice. Support this portion of your discussion with your course text and at least one scholarly resource (Links to an external site.).

3. Defend how your strategies will help to close the achievement gap that “has profound consequences for our nation’s future and its ability to compete in a global, highly technological society” (Bredekamp, 2017, p. 25). Support this portion of your post with your text and at least one additional scholarly resource (Links to an external site.) (it can be the same resource as used previously).

4. Compose a social justice mission statement. Your mission statement can be your personal mission statement (for your classroom), or a mission statement for a center or school. Your mission statement should be a minimum of five sentences in length and should touch on each of the following points: equity, achievement, diversity, advocacy, and action.

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