debate info using hydraulic fracturing for hydrocarbon extraction

debate info using hydraulic fracturing for hydrocarbon extraction

I am the one who support using hydraulic fracturing. plz remember to add citation after each argument and evidence.

We will be having an in-class debate on using hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) for hydrocarbon extraction. You have each been assigned a role that they will represent during the debate. You should prepare for the debate by reading articles from reputable sources (peer reviewed sources – use google scholar or the UW library website for information that you cite). As part of your preparation, you need to prepare 1-2 page outline of the arguments supporting your assigned position. Outlines that receive full credit will provide cited information to support the opening statement, main points, rebuttals, and closing statement for your position. If you do not cite where your information is coming from, you will receive a 0. This outline can be whatever format works best for you to use during the debate, but you MUST provide the citations for your arguments.

In your opening statement, clearly and concisely explain your group’s position on the issue of hydraulic fracturing, using your sources where appropriate. Use your time to give final support to your position and drill holes in your opponents’ arguments, again citing facts or research that supports your position and buries your opposition. You should not present new information in your closing statement.

Presentation slides from EPA’s Final Assessment of Fracking on Drinking Water (need to click on pdf to download) cycle-drinking-water

Hydraulic fracturing website, by API, a trade association representing oil and gas industries.


PBS video on fracking…

Jackson et al, 2014, The environmental costs and benefits of fracking…

USGS page describing difference from induced seismicity due to fracking and that due to fracking wastewater injection. due-fracking?qt-news_science_products=0#qt-news_science_products

USGS page describing how fracking produces wastewater earthquakes-related-these?qt-news_science_products=0#qt-news_science_products
Scientific American article about well water contamination correlated to fracking…

Shale Gas 101, Dept of Energy


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