Cumberland County College Sophos Intrusion Detection System Paper

Cumberland County College Sophos Intrusion Detection System Paper

There are numerous Intrusion Detection Systems here we will use a simple yet powerful IDS to manage and monitor all your Internet-connected devices.
You may actually use it or install it on a Virtual Machine for this exercise. If you use it you must remove any other IDS and Anti-Virus program.
Go to Sophos >

Install the free edition of Sophos, Scan your computer, then provide screenshots of the results.
Review the features, test them and answer the following questions in APA.


Are you able to monitor and manage networked devices including mobile devices from the cloud?
Can you initiate a scan of all devices from one computer to another?
Are you notified if there is an attack on one of your devices?
Does it detect Infrastructure Attacks?
Can you manage vulnerability information?
Can you generate a cybersecurity intelligence report?
What is the risk management process?

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