Culture and grief: Ethnographic perspectives on ritual, rela…

Does your essay focus on cultural aspects of sexuality and sex roles in a certain culture or social group? Discussing gender issues (like discrimination of women in the workplace or general social inequality) is not enough for the purposes of this class.
– Is your essay primarily based on your own fieldwork, including your interviews with your informants and your observation of their life and daily practices? Did you conduct at least several of such interviews?
– Does your essay present your own analysis of your own original fieldwork material? Are the conclusions you draw in the end based on your own ethnographic research?
– Does the text of your essay consist of your own discussion of your own material, your own analysis and conclusions? Submitting the transcriptions of your interviews (instead of your own analysis occasionally referring to certain phrases and passages in the text of your interviews in order to support your arguments) is not acceptable: the “raw” text of the interviews is not considered a part of a paper. You can attach it in the end if you wish. The 7 pages of your essay should present your own text with occasional quotations from your primary (interviews) and secondary (social science literature on the topic) sources.
– Did you use at least five reliable sources (books or articles from established academic journals) in order to frame your research and put it into the context of an ongoing conversation on your topic within social sciences? The relevant social sciences in the context of this project are cultural anthropology and qualitative sociology. Works in the field of Psychology or Medicine are usually rooted in very different approaches and will not be considered appropriate resources.
– Did you properly cite your sources, surrounding all the quotations by quotation marks followed by the name of the author, the year of publication and a particular page of the cited source in parentheses? Did you then include the full title of the source (following the American Anthropological Association style of citation) into your bibliography (which should be included in the end of your paper)?
– Is your paper 7 pages long (not including the title page and the bibliography)?
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