Cultural Identity Paper – Homework Crew

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points

Included a family genogram outlining pertinent multicultural influences, such as race, religion, sexual identity, disability, and socioeconomic status (SES).

Described how you learned about your heritage and family rituals, what growing up was like, relevant demographics, family-held worldviews, and familial experiences with oppression.

Explained how these issues have affected you and how your experiences affect how your work with other groups.

Selected the most appropriate model of identity development for your primary cultural identity from Robinson-Wood (2013) and outlined it clearly in your paper.

Determined in which stage you are in your personal identity development. Described the traits and behaviors you see in yourself that you used in your self-assessment.

Explained what happened in your past that moved you, or allowed you to move, from one stage to the next to get you where you are today.

Using the insight from Robinson-Wood (2013) or additional sources that you identified regarding your selected model of identity development, described what needs to happen to move you to the next stage of development.

Described what you will do to move to the highest levels of identity development and integration.

Displayed exemplary writing craftsmanship and ethical scholarship.


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