Discuss whether your study is basic or applied research and explain why.
August 21, 2018
Do you feel it is better to allow individuals the freedom to choose any type of (or no) health insurance coverage available to them or to increase government involvement in a person’s/family’s healthcare via mandates, such as the ACA and/or the government as a single insurer for all residents
August 21, 2018

. Critically analyze current practice to formulate researchable problems.

For this discussion, you are asked to review the student learning outcomes for this course and discuss how you met these outcomes. The intention here is to provide you an opportunity to “reflect” on the learning achieved during this term and how you successfully met these learning outcomes. If you do not feel you successfully met the objective, discuss your plans to successfully complete the objective in the future.
Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:
1. Critically analyze current practice to formulate researchable problems.
2. Evaluate research as the basis for decision-making to improve outcomes through translation into evidence-based practice.
3. Synthesize an understanding of the research process through development of a proposal to address a nursing problem or focus area identified in nursing practice.
4. Investigate ethical issues related to the conduct of scientific research, including informed consent, data management, data analysis, and protection of human subjects.
5. Explore national and international initiatives and research priorities.


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