Critical Thinking Chapter reflection 2

Part 1:
1. Have read the entire chapter (I will post a copy of the chapter).
2. Understand the activities.
3. Can demonstrate in 550-750 words to your instructor that you have done the reading.
4. Size 12 Times New Roman.
Please be complete and thorough.
Please spell check and ensure you are using appropriate college-level writing skills.
Formatting Requirements:
1. The most important information/key concepts we need to understand from this chapter is?
2. How can I use the information in the chapter to help me with my daily mindful eating practice?
3. In what ways will the material learned in this chapter help me manage my mindful eating and stress levels more effectively?
4. What are your thoughts and feedback regarding the information and the activities in this chapter?
5. What is the most important information from Chapter One of Sustainable Living & Mindful Eating?
Part 2:
After finish part 1 there is a Word File (last part) need to be done I will post it with the other files.

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