first read the chapter, and then read the group theory project attachment(the attachment just to get the idea ).
after reading the attachment, please find two articles using Google Scholar(
the articles need to be about the Critical Theory and one of the sources need to be written by Stanley Deetz. and while searching you need to know that one of article or both need to answer this question (what has it become? How has it evolved? What is it now used to explain? “)
After finding them you need to write one page summary of both, like each one half page.
and then you need to write also a Literature Review and you need to answer this question “trace the development of the theory, i.e., what has it become? How has it evolved? What is it now used to explain? ” this can be one or two pages
(I have attached an example of Literature Review so you know how to do it )
I hope this is clear? if not let me know
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