crisis intervention ethics morals and boundaries

crisis intervention ethics morals and boundaries

To complete this project assignment successfully, please view the video in this module’s section Crisis Intervention Project – Crisis Worker Video Interview 4.

The crisis worker has shared information on what it takes to be an effective crisis intervention professional. For this assignment you will submit notes on what you’ve learned from the video interview. In a 1-2 page paper provide a brief overview of the key points included in the video and answer the following questions:

What are key things the Human Services professional can do to maintain boundaries between themselves and their clients, especially during times of crisis intervention?
How might proper boundaries contribute to the client’s self-determination? What does self-determination mean to you?
What are some potential challenges you may face regarding clients and personal boundaries?
Base your answers on the video and any personal research.

In video the crisis worker discuss about Knowing your own boundaries and setting limit with that person. What you expect from them and what they can expect from you, also knowing your own attitude and beliefs, do not judge and that we are mandated reporter so if the client stated that he or she is hurting someone we have to warn that person
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