RESEARCH PAPER: write a 5 page paper on the following topic: DEATH PENALTY –
Is the death penalty the ultimate irreversible denial of human rights?
Write a research paper on the death penalty examining and discussing the following issues:
history of the death penalty in America;
the profiles of the types of persons put to death or sentenced to death,
the means and methods of putting convicted individuals to death and the issues associated with those methods;
the successes or failures of the death penalty in crime prevention.
Use factual data to support any position, statements or information made in your paper.
(1) The 5-page paper does not include the title page or bibliography. Use separate pages for the title page and the bibliography; YOU MUST USE A MINIMUM OF 5 RESEARCH SOURCES. DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA
(2) write full-complete pages. Excluding the title and bibliography pages. You have to provide a bibliography page;
(3) the Paper must be typed in 12 point font and double spaced and follow the university standard for writing papers.
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