Determine the mass flow rate of the dry air through the system
January 16, 2018
Design an efficient software to store students details such as Name, ID, Results, and Grade, and to generate and print reports sorted by any field Below is the wish list from the instructors
January 16, 2018

Creating a basic encryption/decryption function.

we are going to be creating a basic encryption/decryption function. The principle function we are writing will call an encrypt function and/or a decrypt function. Normally, I wouldn’t spec the additional functions for you to write but for this lab I’m listing at least 3 functions you need to write. Our encryption is going to be basic. If a letter is simply going to be replaced with a different letter from the alphabet. Use this scheme when encrypting or decrypting:

a == z b == y c == x d == w e == v f == u g == t h == s i == r j == q k == p l == o m == n

So an ‘a’ will be come ‘z’ and a ‘z’ will become an ‘a’, a ‘b’ will become an ‘y’ and an ‘y’ will be come a ‘b’, and so on. We’ll only be dealing with lower case letters. Any thing that isn’t a lower case letter just gets “added” to the results string. So spaces stay spaces, punctuation stays punctuation, etc.

Here’s a snippet of code you can use to start that process:

string results = "";
for ( int i=0; i<input.length(); i++ )
    if ( input[i] == 'a' )
        results = results + "z";


You must write your method signatures in a file called: encrypt.h

You must write the principle function with signature: void encryptDecrypt( string inputfile, string outputfile );

You must write the “helper” function with signature: string encrypt( string input );

You must write the “helper” function with signature: string decrypt( string input );

Since my code needs to call your helper functions too, they must be declared in the header file too.

This is in c++, and I just need a basic code following these exact requirements.


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