creating a performance assessment rubric

As the drama teacher for a local high school, you are putting on a big production of the play A Streetcar Named Desire, and you have assigned a speaking part to each of your advanced drama class students.
You now want to create a performance assessment rubric that you can pass out to students along with their assigned parts. The goal is for the students to use the rubric as a guideline as they work on their parts, rehearse, and then perform in the play. You will fill out this performance assessment rubric following the play as a way to score the students on their preparation for and performance in the play.
Create the performance assessment rubric that students and you will use during this process. The rubric should contain at least five separate sections of detailed criteria that you and the students will use to assess their preparation and performance.
Please keep in mind that the rubric should be detailed enough to be able to guide students as to your specific expectations before it has been filled in with comments and scores by you as the teacher.
For this assignment, I just need the rubric itself—it does not need to be filled in with scores and comments.

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