1. Create a one-page job aid that can be used to improve performance for a job within your organization. Please see the resources listed in the Tips for examples. In real life these days most job aids are online (not a piece of paper) that can be accessed during calls on a computer or on a tablet out on a job site. For this class, you can build a job aid as a one page Word doc or a one slide PowerPoint doc. or maybe in an Excel doc. It is up to you.
2. Describe how you would implement the Job Aid (500 – 700 words):

Assess how it will be deployed – distributed to all staff? integrated into computer screens to support a process? distributed as part of a training course?
Determine if staff will need training in order to use the job aid. If so, what sort of training?
Evaluate whether or not there is a change management component to the roll-out of the job aid.
Summarize what employees will be able to do as a result of use of the job aid.

Click on the Assignment Files tab to submit your job aid.
Here are some tips for this assignment.
Job aids such as checklists, worksheets, and performance support tools can be provided to employees based on the results of a task analysis to identify activities and decisions needed to complete a procedure. Job aids can be chosen to help employees complete the procedure, and training can be provided to teach employees how to use the job aid.
To complete the assignment – create a one page job aid and then describe how it will be implemented.
There isn’t much in the text about developing job aids – They are mentioned briefly in Chapter 4 and specifically in 4-5 Training in Action Training is Not Always the Answer. Also mentioned in 8-2 Training in Action Training in a Small Business.
Here is a quick guide that you can find online — this is a great starting point for the assignment. If you read nothing else, read this:
Be sure to consider the purpose of the job aid and pick ONE of these formats (see
1. step by step
2. checklist
3. form to be completed
4. decision table
5. flow chart
6. reference
If you need more ideas:

Have a look at this instructional designer’s blog on when to build a job aid. It will stimulate your thinking and it is in practical language.
And here is a real Instructional Designer forum on building job aids:

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