Create your own religion philosophy homework help

1) Create your own religion. It can fit in this world (e.g., be an innovative combination ofreligions or a new one entirely) or be purely imaginary (e.g., the religion of ants or of an aliensociety). No matter what you choose, it should be believable enough to be movie material.*
2) Describe (or design) a modern phenomenon that could fill the same needs as traditionalreligion and even function like a religion (e.g., a pseudo-religion centered around MichaelJackson, social media, your phone, politics, sports, something not yet invented, etc.). Describe your replacement ‘religion†and compare it to a more traditional approach. Forexample, keeping in mind our earlier discussion of the ‘American God†or one of thereligions we have discussed, how does it meet similar needs? Is it a successful replacement?
Why (not)?
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