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Collect Images and Create Photo AlbumThis week you will begin work on a timeline illustrating historical uses of educational technology. You will finish this assignment in Week Two and actually create the timeline then, but for this week you need to find appropriate images and collect them into a photo album. Copy and paste the link to your photo album into a Word document and submit your assignment by Day 7. 

If you have not done so already, read the required articles listed under the “History of Educational Technology” section of the Week One Resourcesdocument. You can also examine existing timelines on the Web (search for “educational technology timeline” in google). Decide what events you think are important in the history of educational technology. Choose at least eight events.
For each event, you will need an approximate time frame when it was invented or primarily used in schools (e.g., 1930-1940), a title (e.g., “Invention of the Computer”), and a brief explanation of why you chose this event. You will write the explanations next week when you actually use the images to create the timeline. This week you will just be locating the images to include on your timeline, and labeling them with an appropriate title that indicates the name of the technology, as well as a time frame that indicates when the technology was invented or used in schools. 
Once you have chosen at least eight events you think are significant, search for images that illustrate these events. Google’s Copyright Free Image Search Engine is a great place to look, as is this resource: 15 Sites for Finding Images and Clip Art for Education. When you find a picture or image you want to use, save it to your computer. You can do this by right clicking on the image and choosing Save As. Note: Once you create your Flickr account, you can upload pictures from your iPhone, other phone, or your computer directly to your Flickr site. You can also take pictures using your phone, send these to your email, and then save the images to your computer. You will also find you can link to existing pictures you have posted on the Web, such as on Facebook.
When you have eight images collected and saved, it is time to collect them into an album.
Navigate to (or if you prefer and set up an account. Instructions and links to tutorials and help sites are listed below. You may find the site so easy to use that you can figure it out in a few minutes without any help. want work for me so i use
Username liz2013
Password liz2013

For each event you will need an approximate time frame (e.g., 1930-1940), and a title (e.g., “Invention of the Computer”). Include this information with each photo in your Flickr photo album by clicking on a picture to select it, and completing the title and description sections. Click Save. 
To find the link to your album, click on you to get to your home page. Click on the share symbol to the right. 
Click on “grab the link.” Copy the link to your album and paste it into a Word document. 
Upload your Word document using the Assignment Submission button in Week One. Good job!

The History of Educational Technology
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