Create and post a crosstab of your variables and a measures …

Create and post a crosstab of your variables and a measures of association table.Complete the following steps:Post a brief explanation of your topic. Include your research question and a broad research hypothesis — that is, the relationship of IV to DV. (For example, educational attainment affects family income in US adults.)Run a crosstab on your variables. Be sure to explain your findings, including a description of the table, a calculation of the epsilons, and a discussion of the 10% rule.Run the correct measure of association for your variables (Choose one – either Pearson R, Gamma, Phi, Cramer’s V or Lambda). Explain what the output means in terms of strength and direction of the relationship. Interpret Proportional Reduction of Error (PRE) using the following statement: Knowing the IV will reduce error in predicting the DV by *%.Copy the crosstab and measure of association table into the discussion window or into a document (PDF, MS Word) and attach to discussion. If your table does not fit to the page, choose “copy special” and then “images” or take a screen shot of the table to copy/past into the window.As a reminder, here are the guidelines for choosing your measure of association:Both DV and IV are nominal variables: Lambda (when it is not a 2X2 table)Both DV and IV are nominal variables and it is a 2X2 table: PhiBoth DV and IV are ordinal variables: GammaOne variable ordinal or interval/ratio AND the other variable dichotomous nominal (like Yes/No, male/female, etc.): GammaOne variable ordinal or interval/ratio AND the other variable nominal (not dichotomous, has more than 2 categories): Cramer’s V.Both DV and IV are I/R variables: Pearson’s r Plagiarism Free Papers
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