Create a WebQuest

· Inquiry-oriented activity using the Internet · Parts
o Introduction – something to catch the students interest (ex. Election is coming up soon. We need to know how to vote responsibly.)
o Task – job they are going to do (ex. You are going to investigate the candidates and learn about what they believe concerning the running of this country.)
o Process – step by step process of what the students will do (ex. 1. You will review the sites to find answers to the questions I have given you. 2. Once you have researched both candidates and what they believe, you are do make a poster supporting the candidate you think will best lead the country. This poster must be designed to win other “voters” to your candidate.)
o Sources – list of resources from which your students will get the information (ex. You must provide the sites. The students will not do searches to find their information. That provides you the opportunity to check out the sites before sending students to those sites.)
o Conclusion – students must express (share) with the class what they learned through this webquest
o Evaluation – evaluation of success of WebQuest The post Create a WebQuest first appeared on The Nursing Tutors.

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