create a t chart comparing the unified governments 2009 2011 2016 2018

Create a T-Chart comparing the unified government (2009-2011) during Barack Obama’s presidency to Trump’s unified government he had before the Midterms (2016-2018). The chart should be aimed at measuring effectiveness (not the policies you personally value…what did they get done). You must have at least 4 categories.

Potential Options:

Your chart should include some basic breakdown information: What was the composition breakdown in the House? The Senate?
How many bills did they pass in their tenure (if you compare them, make sure you measure them with equivalent years…if you’re comparing 2016-2018 and 1993 with Clinton, only measure from 1993-1995)?
Did they make good on their campaign promises (be specific). Were their things they promised in the campaign that they made good on, or failed to? (For example, Trump promised to repeal Obamacare and fix the tax-plan…was he successful?).
Cite specific example of where there may have been party in-fighting (For example, the tension with Trump and many of the Republicans).
How many judges/justices/significant appointments did they make? Any conflicts in this process, provide brief details.

T-Chart Contains at least 4 criteria for comparison (4 Points)____

The House and Senate Composition breakdown does NOT count as a point, but should be included.
Neatness counts (type if you have messy handwriting)
Use a ruler to create the T-Chart

T-Chart shows thoughtful analysis (8 Points) ____

Each Bullets in the T-Chart is justified and explained.

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