create a powerpoint 10 – My Nursing Experts

create a powerpoint 10 – My Nursing Experts

for this assignment create a powerpoint

Create a PowerPoint Presentation!
You will be using the Drawing Group on the Home Tab, the Design Tab for changing Backgrounds and Animations Tab for making it fun. . .!!
I. Draw your own pictures on the following slides!! (Do not just import stuff from the internet — draw using the shapes and other tools you’ll find). It’s actually kind of fun and should take you several hours playing around with the different shapes, fill-ins, outlines, and so forth!

A house with a chimney. Include clouds, weather, and other animations
Different sized pine trees with holiday decorations. Have something happen!
Trees with different sized leaves. Make the wind blow. . .
Two cars racing on a road. Include sound!
Fifth slide has pictures of all four previous slides integrated into one masterpiece!!

II. Change the backgrounds to go with the pictures
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