Create 8-10 Powerpoint slide on Science Experiment NO PLAGIARIASM

ICP B Unit 1:Experimental Design
Create a power point over this topic. A minimum of 3 sources must be used. All sources must be valid science sources, articles, journals, news, or valid information. You must site all sources. Wikipedia, any question/answer sites, or any sites that are not science backed/documented will not be accepted.
The number of slides is not as important as the content. Topics must be well-researched, thought out, and presented in a logical manner. Full and detailed descriptions must be given and all work must be in your own words. Copy/Paste will not be accepted and the research will not be graded until done correctly.
The scientific method has been around for a very long time, under different names. You are going to work through the method, designing your own experiment. Assume you have access to all standard classroom and kitchen appliances.
First: decide if you want to perform your experiment on Doritos, Starburst, Fruit Loop cereal, Fruit by the Foot, or a Hershey’s bar.If there is another food item you are interested in, clear it with me first. No Twinkies! These have been done elsewhere.
Design an experiment you would like to try.

Equipment that would be required.
The steps of the experiment, labeled and explained.
The control and variable, labeled and explained.
How you would collect data and how often you would collect it.
What you think the results might be.
How you would present the data, besides in a report.(graphs, tables, or chart? Which one? Some other display method?)
Include three images in relation to your planned experiment.
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