Course: SPC2608 Audience Analysis Assignment – Due 6/2/2016 …

Course: SPC2608Audience Analysis Assignment – Due 6/2/2016DIRECTIONS:Imagine that you’ve been asked to give a short speech to a group of International students visitingBroward State College from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Before you do so, surely you’d want toresearch Dubai in order to relate to your audience. Feel free to research as much as you’d like in order todiscuss the following questions. There is a fact sheet at the end of this assignment that you may wish touse as well.Then answer the following discussion questions providing details, examples and your own insight andanalysis.Remember demographics typically cover gender/gender roles, political affiliations, religiousaffiliations, age, ethnic background, income level, educational level, etc.1. What stereotypes might you already have when you consider this audience? It’s okay to be honesthere. Once you acknowledge what you believe or have heard/read/been taught, you can better focuson the reality. How would allowing these stereotypes to influence your speech hinder yourpresentation?2. List 3 demographics that you feel would differ for these students vs. students originating from theUnited States. Which of these 3 demographics would you consider most important to keep in mind asyou speak to these students? Why?3. What might you include in this presentation that you would normally not consider relevant ornecessary to address for U. S. students? Why? What should you consider as you choose yourexamples and details? What about the use of slang, idioms, and jargon?Dubai United Arab EmiratesCountryDubai United Arab EmiratesEmirateDubaiFounded byRashid bin saeed Al MaktoumSeatDubaiSubdivisionTowns and villagesGovernmentTypeConstitutional monarchyRulerMohammed bin Rashid Al MaktoumCrown PrinceHamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al MaktoumLanguages SpokenArabic, EnglishPopulationTotal2,106, 177Indian53%Emirati17%Pakistani13.3%Bangladeshi7.5%Filipino2.5%Sri Lankan1.5%American0.3%Other Countries5.7%Time ZoneUAE standard time (UTC+4)WebsiteDubai Emirate, Dubai MunicipalityMake sure to cite the reading or another outside source for support and to alsomeet the 4 page length requirement.The Audience Analysis is graded using the Audience Analysis Grading RubricAudience Analysis Grading RubricCriteriaPresentationContentMechanicsExemplary(25 Points)9-10 PointsClearly & effectively responds toassignment.9-10 PointsFull variety of sentence structures usedcorrectly. Word choice interesting,accurate and contributes to thewriter’s ability to communicate thepurpose.4-5 PointsFew, if any, minor errors in sentenceconstruction, usage, grammar, ormechanics.Meets Expectations(19 Points)6-8 PointsResponse to assignment generallyadequate & thorough.6-8 PointsVariety of sentence structures usedcorrectly despite an occasional flaw.Accurate &b varied word choice.2-3 PointsThere may be a few minor or majorerrors in sentence construction, usage,grammar, or mechanics.
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