Please follow the instruction, explain cost and effect of global warming(illustrate them like a flow chart and make it clear. Thank you

English 1101: Essay 4: Cause and Effect Rubric
10% Introduction
The student has an appropriate introduction that provides an adequate overview of the topic. The introduction contains a clear thesis statement that establishes the topic and whether the paper will address a cause, an effect, or both.
15% Paragraphing
The overall essay is broken into clear, logical paragraphs with clear transitions and topic sentences. The paragraphs follow a logical order, provide clear evidence and rational explanation, and build toward supporting focus stated in the introduction.
15% Background
The student has clearly addressed what details caused the particular event or occurrence the paper focuses on. And/or, the student has clearly addressed what effects were caused by a particular circumstance or event and why those particular effects were the result.
10% Purpose
The student has clearly established the purpose of their overall discussion (to explore, to learn, to educate, to advise, etc.). There should be a clear sense of what can be gained through an analysis of these causes or effects.
15% Complexity
The student has not resorted to oversimplification (post hoc fallacies, etc.) in discussing their overall topic. While this assignment may require no actual outside research, the student does need to clearly provide logical reasoning (explanation) for why the causes or effects occurred.
10% Conclusion
The student has incorporated a clear conclusion that goes beyond simply summarizing the topic to include the potential implications of their analysis.
15% Punctuation/Grammar
The student has followed punctuation and grammar rules throughout the paper. The student has also paid attention to accuracy in spelling and the overall formatting of the paper.
10% Length
The student has met the minimum word count for the assignment.
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