If an organization wants their product or service to stand out above others then an organization must identify what makes their product or service unique.
January 17, 2018
Advertising Research
January 17, 2018

Consumer Protection

OMM 615 Week 4 Assignment Consumer Protection

Shopping is a fun experience and when a consumer spends their well-earned money that same experience should be a positive one. Granted, that some shopping experiences are not as a positive one as others, but that does not mean that marketers should lack of tactics used to lure in shoppers. The seven promotional strategies used by companies include sweepstakes, refunds and rebates, contests, premiums, coupons, in-store promotions, and trade shows. Everybody looks for deals, but the extra benefits that that company’s offer in their place of business is what brings shoppers in. Consumer promotions target shoppers in an effort to entice them, create a sense of excitement, and finallymake the deal. Although many promotions only last a certain period, their main goal is to develop an exciting shopping experience and create brand awareness and market acceptance.

New product launches are a great time to employ consumer promotions as they are entering a marketplace full of competitors and brand loyalty. Refunds and rebates offer costumers cash incentivesfor purchases of product(s).


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