computer technology 6 – Graduate Paper Help

Answer the following questions:
1- prepare a 3-slide presentation for the following question :
Open the case of your computer systems and identify as many components as you can. You can take pictures of the components you identify and compile your findings in a PowerPoint slide deck. What are the specifications of the components you have identified. What components need to be upgraded and why? How much will it cost to upgrade such components? Provide references.

2- Launch your terminal of your computer and run the following commands:

Use ipconfig command (for windows) or ifconfig (for Mac) to determine your configuration network. What are the IP addresses for your computer, Domain name server and gateway? What is Domain Name Server and Gateway? Provide a screenshot.
Use the ping command on gateway, DNS server and What do the results on the terminal mean? Provide a screen shot.
Use the tracert command (windows) or traceroute command (Mac) on What do the results means? Provide a screenshot.
Use the netsat What do the results mean? Provide a screenshot

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