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Stuxnet: Dissecting a Cybewarfare Weapon
Cyberwarfare has been in the mainstream discussion of cybersecurity journals and conference proceedings for a few years. The Stuxnet attack ihas caused many politicians and security professionals to have increased concern for future cybersecurity. Attached to this project is an IEEE journal article that you need to read, analyze, and write your own paper to express your reaction on this important cybersecurity topic. You should also refer to at least three other outside sources to complete and support your paper.
Your paper should include at a minimum:
·  Introduction
·  Technical analysis of the paper topic, content, implications, and conclusions.
·  Your reflection on the paper
·  Make your case in the defensive and offensive Cyberware strategy
·  Recommendation to prevent future Cyberware attacks as Stuxnet
·  A list of references

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