complete a job hazard assessment on a job task process or piece of equipment of your choosing

Complete a Job Hazard Assessment on a job task, process, or piece of equipment of your choosing. The home is also a good place to assess hazards and may be used for this assignment.
Please keep the following guidelines in mind:

The more complex the task, process, or equipment, the more detailed your JHA must be.
Use one of the JHA models described in the readings and/or videos below.
Ensure you include all the elements of an effective JHA: Task description, hazard assessment, risk identification, included safety measures (i.e., built-in machine guards), etc.
DO NOT use an already constructed JHA. Start from scratch and be open to new, more effective ways to construct a JHA.
Focus on the hazards and the risks. Include potential mitigation strategies but these do not need to be detailed in this assignment. Simply list the potential programs you will need based on your JHA (i.e., PPE Program for Respirators, Ergonomics, etc.).
Pick a job task, process, or piece of equipment that is important to your working environment. The home environment may also be used.

The last page after your JHA may include images to capture the activity and hazard. Show who will be harmed and how. The images must capture the corrective action to be implemented and how it will mitigate the hazard once it is implemented (how the job/task will then be performed safely).
Use the resources, articles, and OSHA requirements below to develop your JHA:

Hazard, Risk & Safety – Understanding Risk Assessment, Management and Perception (YouTube: 5:31) (Links to an external site.)
EHS: Hazard Assessments (Links to an external site.)
OSHA: General Requirements – 1910 Subpart 1 – 1910 Subpart App B (Links to an external site.)
OSHA: General Requirements – 1910 Subpart 1- 1910.132 (Links to an external site.)
OSHA: Job Hazard Analysis – Pamphlet 3071 (Links to an external site.)

Your JHA should be 5-6 pages, not including the cover page and appendices.
Save your assignment using a naming convention that includes your first and last name and the activity number. Do not add punctuation or special characters.
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