comparing fences by august wilson and death of a salesman by arthur miller 1

Title:Comparing fences by august Wilson and death of a salesman by arthur miller.
Paper Requirement
It should be 6 pages
3 outside sources (Not including the films and plays)
(Write a certain comparison between Fences and Death of a salesman)
Racism is everywhere; it is all around us and at most times it resides within us. Racism basically refers to the characterization of people (ethnicity based) with certain distinct traits.
(Explain the difference between a white family and a black fmaily).
(Analyze the variance of black and white family)
It is a tool with which people use to distinguish themselves between each other.

Arthur Asher Miller

As a writer and man of the theater, he was kind of momenting the fact that there are few tragedies and he has lots of reasons.

“Fences” by August Wilson

When we talk about Troy Maxson compared to (37:48, Willie Logans), it is very interesting on what obviously Wilson is doing.
Wilson wrote one play for every decade of the 20th century

Dramatizing some aspects of black experiences.

An experienced of being an African-American in the United States

It was played in 1985 but it is set in 1957.

Troy Maxson

He is a patriarch
He got a wife that he loves, but he has been having an affair and he got a son.

Helen of Troy

The character of Rose
The play is a critique, not an anecdote or a version.
In a racist society, black people don’t have rights.
The start of the scene, Troy is having an affair with Alberta and she got her pregnant.

August Wilson

He said that he was influenced by something called “The Four Bs”.

About the Play:

The play was originated in the 1985
Cast and Characters:

The character of Troy Maxson was played by James Earl Jones.

He was the legend of Broadway theater.

Rose Maxson was played by Marie Alice
Cory Maxson was played by Courtney Vance
Jim Bono was played by Ray Aranha
Gabriel Maxson was played by Frankie Fayson
Lyons Maxson was played by Daniel Jenkins
Raynell Maxson played by Karima Miller

Opinions about the movie “Fences” and the characters

Does it strengthen her character?
He thinks being honest is the best thing
Being a christian woman is something that’s very much apart of Rose’s character
Best part of the character is the christianity part
Troy lost his dad
Rose can never have her daughter
Who sacrificed the most?

Rose felt like she married him

She is working the job she doesn’t like

Troy thought he sacrifices the most
She made up her mind that it was time for him to go

Rose now have Troy 7 year old girl

She is now adorable and happy
She ended up having a good decision

Troy’s downfall is his own fault
Troy is a womanist

Wilkis Wilson

Loves the careers of countless actors.

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