Compare or contrast one of the following topics: College Val…

english multi-part question
In the first essay for this class, students will be expected to compare or contrast one of the following topics: College Value, Student Loan Debt, OR Student Athlete Compensation–see Responses 1, 2, and 3 for further information regarding the topics.After deciding which two essays students will analyze, the students need to opt to compare or contrast the points of the two subjects.Once the determination of subjects and strategies has been completed, the students need to brainstorm for the points of similarity or difference. This decision is fairly important since the points must be the same for both subjects. Given this restriction, the points should be chosen carefully.When the points are selected, then the students must choose an organizational method for presenting the comparison/contrast. There are two choices: subject-by-subject or point-by-point. See “Comparison/Contrast Outline Samples” and “C/C Templates (Filled)” for outlines.As students can readily see, planning is imperative in a comparison/contrast essay. The final step in the essays preparation is to draft a thesis, which follows emphatic order, order of emphasis. Your preference should be subject B in the essay. Similarly, the points, themselves, should adhere to emphatic order, which means that the least important point is first and the most important point is last.Choose a topic } College Value, Student Loan Forgiveness, OR Student Athlete Compensation.Write a Thesis Statement that establishes emphatic order for the essay by introducing both subjects and clearly illustrates a preference for the second subject after introducing both authors and essays in the introduction.Offer clear, fully-developed body paragraphs and topic sentences, making sure that the reader can see the similarities/differences and the rationale for offering such informationwhy compare/contrast these two subjects?Ensure that the points are the same for both subjects and that they, too, follow emphatic order.Choose either subject or point order and stay with it.Ensure that all borrowed material, quotes and summaries, from the source essays is parenthetically cited to avoid plagiarism.Offer bibliographic citations for both essays in the Works Cited at the end of the paper. ***This essay is being submitted to the plagiarism checking program in Canvas, so be sure to cite borrowed words and ideas.***Make use of transitions so that the reader does not become confused as to which subject you are discussing at any given point, and the analysis moves smoothly between subjects and points.Write 800+ wordsRequirements: Plagiarism Free Papers
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