compare aritotles view of political life with the bible and st augustine

Your task is to write a 5 page, double spaced essay on one of the following questions. No outside sources are necessary, but engage directly with the assigned texts. You may draw on the recommended readings as well. In fact, the judicious use of a source like Wolin or Pangle is likely to help you frame the question in your essay.
Citations: Because we are dealing with a small number of texts, I ask that you use a generic in text citation format composed of the author name followed by the page number: e.x. (Aristotle 17) or (Bible 177).
Aristotle gives us a vision of political life that is very different from that presented by the Bible and St. Augustine. Compare and contrast them. Then, answer the following question: is one of these modes of thought more suited to instruct us about contemporary politics? Why or why not?

Generic Essay Structure
1. Introduction: the problem, motive.
2. (Optional): Established view/flaw
3. Body/discussion of the problem/correction of established view (optional)
4. Conclusion
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