Columbian Southern Centennial Park Bombing & Orlando Nightclub Research Paper

Unit III Research Paper Topic
Part one of the research paper requires you to submit your topic for review and approval by your instructor. You must identify a domestic pre-9/11 terrorist event and a domestic post-9/11 terrorist event that will be the focus of your research paper.
Note: The two terrorist events that are selected must have occurred at least five years apart. In addition to identifying the two terrorist events that will serve as the basis for the research paper, you must provide a brief description that explains why you believe the selected events will serve as a good comparison for evaluating how terrorist activities have evolved over time.
The research paper topic should be no more than one page in length, using Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced. You are not required to cite resources for this assignment, and a reference page is not required; however, you should keep notes on interesting resources and their locations as you find them for the annotated bibliography assignment in Unit V and research paper in Unit VII.
1.Pre 9/11 Domestic Terrorism Event. 27 Jul 1996 Atlanta, Georgia
Pipe bomb explodes in park at night concert at Summer Olympic Games; 1 killed, 1 died nearby of heart attack.
2.Post 9/11 Domestic Terrorism Event- 12 Jun 2016 Orlando, Florida Pulse Night Club Shooting.
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