Columbia Southern Program to Manage Alcohol Abuse Community Health Paper

Columbia Southern Program to Manage Alcohol Abuse Community Health Paper

Substance Abuse As you have learned, and probably know, many people abuse different substances. There are quite a number of programs that seek to help those who struggle with substance abuse. Select one of the following topics:

Alcohol abuse
Tobacco abuse
Substance abuse

Upon selecting your topic, begin researching how community/public health programs in your community (city, county, or state) can help decrease the number of people using alcohol, tobacco, or other substances. Select a program, and describe the following:

the program you have selected,
the abuse issue (alcohol, tobacco, or other substance abuse) the program is striving to combat, and
your analysis of the program’s successfulness.

Be sure to use descriptive epidemiology to discuss why it is a community health concern. Your APA-formatted response should be at least 500 words (not including title and reference pages). Please use the textbook, one online resource, and at least one resource from the CSU Online Library for reference. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. The librarians’ contact information can be located on the right side of the CSU Online Library page in the student portal should you need assistance

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