Columbia Southern Court Security Officer Ethical Dilemma Case Study Questions

Please read the two scenarios below, and identify the role(s) that a security director and a security supervisor assume when addressing various circumstances. Additionally, in ethical situations, what are the possible methods a director or supervisor may utilize in scenario one? Finally, upon reflection of scenario two, what, if anything, could the officer have done differently, and what could the supervisor have done differently? What additional skills are necessary in this instance?
Scenario one: Officer Orlando has been working as a court security officer under your supervision for over five years. He has been an exemplary officer with outstanding reviews, has not missed a single shift, arrives early, stays late, submits all reports on a timely basis, and serves as a mentor for new officers. You recently overheard a conversation in which he admitted to a fellow officer that he lied on his employment application about whether he had any relatives working within the court system. As it turns out, he is the younger brother of the court clerk, a relationship that would have prevented Officer Orlando from being employed within the same jurisdiction.
Scenario two: You are Officer Janette’s supervisor. She is responsible for classifying inmates prior to trial. You notice that she classifies one young man as being “in need of mental health attention.” However, you realize that the young man appears to be in perfect condition. You then follow up with Officer Janette and inquire as to her reasoning for the classification. She breaks down and confides in you, telling you that the young man was her cousin. She goes on to explain that he is a good kid and just needed some help. You review his background and agree with Officer Janette that the young man might benefit from treatment. One month later, the young man is released after completing the 30-day mental health program. When you arrive at work today, you see the young man being processed for murder in the first degree.
Please answer the following questions regarding the two scenarios above:

What is/are the ethical dilemma(s) in each scenario?
What methods would you, as a security director or a security supervisor, use to resolve the dilemmas? Determine the specific skills a security director or security supervisor would need to utilize while resolving these dilemmas.
Identify the specific role(s) a security director or a security supervisor would need to take on when handling the ethical dilemmas.
Based on how you chose to resolve it, what is the likely outcome your agency will face?
What could have been done beforehand to prevent these dilemmas? For example, discuss any training about ethical issues you would implement (e.g., department expectations, how to report unethical conduct, how to identify and report conflicts of interest).

Course objectives, as discussed in our textbook, should be applied to the facts of each scenario. Your paper should consist of at least three pages, not counting the title and reference pages. At a minimum, the textbook must be used as a source. Ideally, at least one additional scholarly source from the CSU Online Library should be used to support your argument(s). Any sources used must be cited accordingly to meet APA standards.
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