coffee beans in the baskets you ve weaved

coffee beans in the baskets you ve weaved

This week, assume that you work for a company that processes financial transactions and that those transactions involve people reviewing highly confidential personal information about your clients (but not health-related information.)

Your new CFO has suggested that a lot of the processing you do could be outsourced to a company he worked with in his prior job, and that doing so would increase profits. He has convinced the CEO to contract with this company – called ProcessIt4U – to take over about 5% of the processing.
As the head of security, you have imposed both a clean desk and a clear screen policy within the transaction processing department. It was a bit rocky getting it implemented, but your employees were briefed on why it was important, and it now works quite well.
You visited ProcessIt4U with your companyâ€s management team, and looking at their processing facility worried you. It was the furthest from a clean-desk or clear-screen policy you ‘ve ever seen. Papers with PII were everywhere on peopleâ€s desks. Screens with PII were left unattended when people went to lunch, took breaks and you noticed that screens with PII were left on when some employees left for the night. You explained to your CEO that any breach of your data by ProcessIt4U would be seen by customers as being your companyâ€s fault, and the CEO instructed you to create a briefing paper that would be sent to the Chief Operating Officer of ProcessIt4U, saying that your company expected that ProcessIt4U would comply.

Write that briefing paper. What do you mean by a clean desk and clear screen policy? Should it be explained to their employees, or just imposed as a rule? How will you know if itâ€s actually being implemented? The outline of your paper is:

What is a clean desk/clear screen policy?
Why is it important.
How do you measure success?
What recommendations do you have for implementing it?

Your paper should have a main text (not counting title pages – which you donâ€t need — and references list) of 900-1250 words. Going beyond 1,250 words is not recommended and probably means that you need to re-think your scope and tighten your presentation. Going below 900 probably means that you need more exposition or detail.
Please submit in 11-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced. 1-inch margins on top, bottom, left and right.
Running heads are class name (left), page number (center) and your first initial and last name (right).
Grammar and spelling count. PLEASE proofread carefully. I would suggest reading it aloud as the fastest way of identifying run-on sentences or wording that doesnâ€t make sense. If you canâ€t read it without getting confused, you can be pretty sure that I canâ€t read it without getting confused too.
It is expected that you will cite references in your submissions including this one. Footnotes or endnotes are acceptable. APA format is required. It is also expected that you will not limit your references to the textbook and readings in your assignment, but that you will do research to find additional sources that support your arguments in your paper.

Second one
1. Explain the difference between enhanced interrogation and torture. (2.5 – 3 pgs)

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