cmn 685 online discussion

For this discussion, please read/watch the following:
(If you run into a paywall for these, don’t panic, just let me know and I’ll see if I can get them to you through the library)
“‘It is a Nightmare Out Here’: Seattle Parents Struggle to Balance Work and Childcare (Links to an external site.)
Figuring Out Work and Family in the Age of Coronavirus (Links to an external site.)
Who Qualifies for Paid Leave Under the New Coronavirus Law (Links to an external site.)
The Coronavirus is a Disaster for Feminism (Links to an external site.)
TED Talks on YouTube:
Link (Links to an external site.)Minimize Video
Then answer these questions:
How did the three articles from the New York Times above provide a different perspective on the coronavirus crisis through the lens of gender?
How do the experiences of women who are both working and parenting over this last week (reflected in the New York Times articles) reflect some of the “Womanstories” as discussed in the Buzzanell and Lucas reading? How do the stories address notions of time, space, and identity, as well as gender?
What are your thoughts about how coronavirus may impact feminism (as discussed in The Atlantic article above)? Do you think there are opportunities to reverse or revise our social knowledge and ideologies about gendered differences and gender status or position inequalities as a result of this crisis, or do you think that this period will have cumulative effects that serve to increase or further ingrain gender inequalities?
With regard the TED Talk “Work-Life Balance: Balancing Time or Balancing Identity,” what did you think about the relationship between women’s actual (documented) ambition in and the lack of modeling or representation of ambition/leadership in the workplace? Do you think women need to see others like themselves model ambition in the workplace to succeed? Also, how does seeing models or representation of others like themselves in the workplace also impact women’s work/life decisions and choices (e.g. Opting Out)?
Do you think women are more or less likely to make sacrifices for their career than men? Since women choose to sacrifice career for family more often, do you think it’s because a.) women are more natural caregivers, or b.) is it a lack of role models in the workplace for how to balance work/life/family, or c.) is it because of structural differences (e.g. women get paid less, women are segregated into jobs that are less valued, and less compensated, and women have less opportunities for advancement in many careers)?
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