Cloning Essay

For this assignment answer the the following questions Please respond with 2 pages,12 font roman,MLA Style, citation, and references

Chapter 3:
Do you approve of cloning? If so, would you restrict cloning to certain species? Would you have a pet cloned? Why or why not?
Chapter 4:
Give some examples of how selection, gene flow, genetic drift, and mutation have acted on populations or species in the past. Try to think of at least one human and one one nonhuman example. Why do you think genetic drift might be important today to endangered species.
Chapter 5:

Humans are fairly generalized mammals. What do we mean by this, and what specific features (characters) would you select to illustrate this statement?
More precisely, humans are placental mammals. How do humans, and generally all other placental mammals, differ for the other major groups of mammals?

Essentials of Physical Anthropology10th Edition
Robert Jurmain, Lynn Kilgore, Wenda Trevathan, Eric Bartelink

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Master Muhammad
Physical Anthropology
January 12, 2017
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