Clinical Field Experience Intervention – through videos-List video used for this assignment

Due to COVID, this assignment will be substituted with videos from sites such as Youtube, teacher tube, Edtupia, or other educational videos.Clinical Field Experience C: InterventionMath is an academic area that can be challenging for many students in many cases due to multi-step problem-solving. When planning interventions, it is important to identify where and why the student struggles. With this information, the appropriate tier of intervention can be addressed. Understanding the tiers of intervention can help to differentiate struggles associated with the content, application, or delivery.Allocate at least 3 hours in the field to support this field experience.Continuing to work with your mentor teacher, create an intervention plan for the student or students identified in Clinical Field Experience B.Your plan should include the following:Identification of applicable tiered intervention (1, 2, or 3)Grade level of instructionAn activity implementing 1-2 intervention strategies (these may be the intervention strategies you identified in Clinical Field Experience B)Brief description of each intervention strategy and how it supports the identified student challengesMaterials needed and procedures for each intervention strategyUpon completing your intervention plan, continue to collaborate with your mentor teacher to ensure the plan will appropriately meet the needs of the student/s identified. Incorporate feedback accordingly.Use any remaining field experience hours to assist the teacher in providing instruction and support to the class.In 250-500 words, summarize and reflect upon your conversations and instructional support. Address how your mentor teacher plans for and reflects upon intervention choices in his or her own classroom and explain how you will use your findings in your future professional practice.APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.
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