Climate Change and the Media, homework help

1. Find an article from a reputable news source that discusses climate change.
a. Sources: LA Times, NY Times, The Atlantic, Al Jazeera, The Washington Post,
National Geographic, etc. (Email me if you not sure of the source). No Buzzfeed,
DailyMail, or something similar to these sources.
b. Date: The date of the article has to be within the past year, nothing before
November 1, 2015.
c. The article needs to discuss how climate change is effecting a certain region, its
weather pattern, plants and animals, or the local population. I do not want articles
discussing current politics and how certain politicians deny climate change.
Acceptable topics would include climate refugees, sea level rise/glaciers melting,
extreme/abnormal weather conditions, harming the local plant/animal species, etc.
d. Include a copy of the article along with your written portion, either a working link
or copy and paste the article after your essay.
e. Short articles will not be very helpful for this assignment and will only hinder
2. The format of the file submitted to Blackboard has to be either .doc or .pdf, no other
format will be accepted.
3. Include a proper heading with a title; name, date, class, assignment, and your work’s title.
A good title introduces and sets up the foundation for your work.
4. Work cited page: cite your sources in your work cited page, the textbook and your article.
When using quotes, cite the source within your text including page number.
5. Length of the assignment: approximately 600 words that should not exceed two pages.
6. Written portion: discuss how climate is effecting a certain location/region, harsher or
abnormal weather conditions, or the local population and discuss the science behind how
exactly this occurs. Is the article missing key scientific concepts? Is the scientific
explanation correct if included? How exactly is climate change directly or indirectly
effecting the subject in question? Do you agree or disagree with the article? Be detailed
with your response, do not generalize this process. There may be multiple points to be
made so just pick a couple to discuss in detail.
a. Do not summarize the article, use examples from the article to support your
b. Use your textbook as a source to back up your argument.

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