clienteer project for advertising amp marketing communicatio…

Goals are in the recruitment file, all object have to work around the recruitment of the college. heres the target marketTarget Market
-Our target market is males and females aged 16-24 who are located outside of the Okanagan.
-Our primary target market will consist of students between the ages of 16-24, who are finishing up high school or beginning to go to college.
-Our secondary target market consists of mostly high school students.
-According to stats Canada at least 2,034,957 students were enrolled in Canadian universities and colleges in 2015/2016
-In 2017/2018 there were approximately 2,116,002 students enrolled in Canadian universities
-The most popular three terms of enrolment over the decade were:
oBusiness, management and public administration
oSocial behavioral sciences, and law
-The most students are enrolled in there 4 locations which includes Ontario with 864,798 people, Quebec with 534,054 students, British Columbia with 286,914 people, and Alberta with 194,010 people.
information and and parts have to be done are in the guidelines file, only Promotional Mix part need to be done.
only Promotional Mix
only Promotional Mix
only Promotional Mix
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