Classroom Observation – nursing writers

Classroom Observation – nursing writers

EDUU 350 Classroom Observation Form
Observation Date ___________Time of Observation (start to end): ________________ School Location (City/State)___________________
School Name ___________________________ Teacher ________________________ Grade Level _________________________________

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Information about the School and Community
What type of school is it? (e.g. public, private, charter, Montessori, Waldorf)
What grade levels are represented at the school?
How many teachers? How many students?
What information can you provide about the community? (See assignment description for details)
Use this form to record your observations as they relate to: a) the approaches the teacher uses to create a positive learning environment, b) the instructional strategies the teacher uses to engage students in learning, c) the techniques used by the teacher to assess students’ knowledge and skills and d) the learning theories applied by the teacher. You will want to review Ormrod, chapters 2, 3, 12, 13 & 14 prior to your observation so you are familiar with what to look for during the observation.

What evidence did you see?
Provide specific examples that illustrate what the teacher did.

Creating a Positive Learning Environment
· Arranging the Classroom
· Establishing and maintaining productive teacher-student relationships
· Creating an effective psychological climate
· Setting limits
· Planning activities that keep students on task
· Monitoring what students are doing
· Modifying instructional strategies
· Taking developmental differences into account
· Taking individual differences into account
· Dealing with misbehaviors
· Ignoring certain behaviors
· Cueing students
· Discussing problems privately with students
· Teaching self-regulation
· Conferring with parents
· Conducting planned and systematic interventions

Instructional Strategies
Teacher Directed Instructional Strategies
· Providing Lectures
· Using Textbooks
· Asking questions and giving feedback
· Providing practice through in-class assignments
· Giving homework
· Conducting Direct Instruction
· Promoting Mastery
· Using Instructional Websites
· Using Technology to Individualize Instruction
Learner Directed Instructional Strategies
· Stimulating and Guiding Class Discussions
· Conducting Reciprocal Teaching Sessions
· Conducting Discovery and Inquiry Activities
· Using Computer Simulations and Games
· Conducting Cooperative Learning Activities
· Structuring Peer Tutoring Sessions
· Conducting Technology-Based Collaborative Learning Activities

· Informally observing students’ behavior
· Using paper-pencil assessments
· Using performance assessments
· Accommodating group differences
· Accommodating students with special needs


Application of Learning Theory
· Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development
· Vygotsky’s Theory of Cognitive Development
· Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development
· Kolhberg’s Theory of Moral Development

Reflection Questions:
1. What insights did you gain about teaching and learning from this observation?
2. How might you apply what you learned from this observation to your own classroom?
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