Choose one major character of the movie “Sweet Land” 2005

Write a minimum of three full pages.
Choose one major character who functions as a protagonist and address the following questions:

– Why do you believe this character is a protagonist? What struggles has this character faced? What goals is this character trying to pursue? How are we convinced by the text to identify with her/him?

– Who or what is the antagonist facing this protagonist? How is the antagonist preventing the protagonist from achieving his/her goals?

– What main themes or messages does this text present? How does the struggle between the protagonist and antagonist relate to these themes? Do these themes relate primarily to the immigrant experience in America, or are they more broadly applicable?

NOTE: It is not necessary to give a complete plot summary. Use plot details only to support the points you make. You may assume we are familiar with the novel/film and do not need to hear a recap.

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