Choose any topic discussed in the managerial economics class and

 4 pages due 3amChoose any topic discussed in the managerial economics class and write a 4 page essay with the following specifications.

Typed – Double spaced
Font Size – 12
Margins – 1 inch (top, bottom, right and left)

The paper should consist of the following:

A discussion on your selected topic covering the main points.
Atleast one news articlerelated to the chosen topic, showing the application of the concept in the real world. You can easily find such news articles on internet.
Write in your own words what you’ve understood from the article(s) and how this relates to what you have learned in the Econ 140 class.
The articles should be at the end of the paper, and these should not be included in the page count.

Other Requirements:

Title of the paper and Your Name (Top corner of the first page)
References (These should be on the last page of the assignment)

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