Child Psyc # 1 – My Perfect Tutors

Choose ONE of the following options to complete and submit:
Option 1 – You are unique. You have relationships and experiences unlike others. By understanding childhood one gains a greater understanding of adulthood. For this assignment define  child development and develop a “timeline ” of significant dates, events, and/or people that you perceive contributed to your development as a child. The timeline  should incorporate the age period from infancy through adolescence. There is flexibility with this assignment but you might have columns with dates, events, and/or relationships indicated or you might prefer making a drawing indicating these components and scan it as an attachment.
Option 2 – Respond to the following questions:In thinking about child development who is or has been a “model” for you?What are some things you perceive as learning as a child through observing this model?Who do you perceive being a significant model for?What are others learning by observing you as a model?

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